2020 - Present

Ariya is a Discord bot, it has many features such as server stats, moderation, fun commands, music, integartion with my own image delivery API and osu! stats. The bot is written entirely in Javascript.


2018 - Present

Voxtl is an upcoming streaming platform with it's users in mind, aiming to provide a place for creators to interact with their audience without restricting the content they deliver. We believe that freedom is important, that being critisism or playing certain games.

Streamers Connected

2018 - Present

StreamersConnected is a community dedicated to streamers, by streamers, it's goal is to bring together content creators so they can connect and grow, since it was founded, they have had stages at many UK based events (I have helped at a few too!). I help with the development of the website, bots and general server maintenance to bring more to the community.

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