Nanako is a private osu! server that was created out of boredom, it's a collaboration between me and Fudge that has gotten a lot of hype from fellow players and friends. The stack is written in PHP for the frontend and Javascript for the backend along with help from Nginx to make sure everything goes where it needs to.


Akari is a private Discord bot used in the discord The Loli Box, it has many features such as server stats, moderation, fun commands, music, integartion with my WeebAPI and osu! stats. The bot is written entirely in Javascript and has not been maintained properly :(


StreamersConnected is a community dedicated to streamers, by streamers, it's goal is to bring together content creators so they can connect and grow, since it was founded, they have had stages at many UK based events (I have helped at a few too!). I help with the development of the website, bots and general server maintenance with IGSteven to bring more to the team.

Some Other Projects

  • WHMore - A Hosting Provider for game servers and web hosting
  • WeebAPI - A service for multiple anime related images
  • Voxtl - A Streaming Platform built from the ground up (Discontinued)
  • SteveBot - A Chat Bot for the Dlive Platform (Discontinued)